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At Cornerstone Financial Advisors, we are a full-service firm with experience in all aspects of financial planning. This includes cash flow, retirement planning, investment management and estate planning customized for individuals and families. With more than 28 years' experience, we have a designed process that involves thorough client data discovery and needs evaluation in order to develop a personalized plan.

  • Cash Flow Planning: Key to financial wellness is a thorough evaluation of all income sources alongside one's annual living expenses. A first step in the Cornerstone Financial Advisors approach is to review clients' historical spending, current expenses and anticipated future needs. Simultaneously, we analyze their various income sources and how these may accumulate or diminish over time. Together this may allow for most efficient cash flow planning.
  • Investment Management/Planning: An asset allocation model should be as holistic as the individual whose money is being managed. Cornerstone Financial Advisors matches each clients' investment assets with their personal time horizon and risk tolerance seeking to maximize the rate of return. As a long-term partner, we recognize priorities and needs evolve over time, making well thought adjustments as needed.
  • Retirement Income Planning: At Cornerstone Financial Advisors, we use sophisticated programs to project clients' income at time of retirement. It begins with a careful review of one's current economic position, which enables us to help clients make suitable  decisions in an effort to improve their financial outlook and eventually pursue  their retirement goals. The result is a detailed report outlining the clients annual and monthly needs and forecasting where the income may come from to manage those needs.
  • Life, Disability & Health Insurance: Financial wellness and preparing for the future is not about assets alone.  It often involves proper insurance protection. Our advisory team evaluates a client's individual and/or family needs, existing coverage and appropriate coverage alternatives.
  • Estate planning: Cornerstone Financial Advisors is just one member of clients' team of professionals. Working hand-in-hand with their attorney, we evaluate clients' current estate plan and make adjustments seeking to provide optimal family protection.  .
  • College Education Planning: Financing college education can be daunting. At Cornerstone Financial Advisors, we offer a variety of options including, 529 plans, UTMA, as well as untraditional funding methods. Through careful review and selection of appropriate available financial options, clients are able to plan for future college funding needs.


Financial Planning — a phrase that's indelibly linked to our future. Far too often the focus is on our personal future but for business owners, the benefits of developing comprehensive financial planning practices is equally important.  At Cornerstone Financial Advisors, it starts with evaluating the tools available and customizing a plan no matter the company's size or life stage. Our business clients receive the same level of personal attention as individuals and we concentrate in the areas of business consultation, company benefit planning, executive compensation, key employee retention, life, health and disability planning. 

  • Retirement Plans: The value of a diverse yet robust retirement benefits plan can touch every level of an organization. In addition to helping business owners prepare toward their own retirement, these plans offer a number of additional benefits and our team at Cornerstone Financial Advisors takes a hands on approach that strives to positively impact a company's most valuable asset ~ its employees.
    A well designed retirement benefits plan can provide a stronger position in employee recruitment. Similarly it may be created in a manner that motivate employees. For example, when based on sales or profits, it encourages greater productivity. Benefits programs  may offer significant tax advantages as Congress looks to have businesses provide retirement plans for employees. Companies with high start-up costs or low cash flow can also use such non-wage incentives to supplement compensation packages. After a full evaluation of the client's business, we recommend and provide a comprehensive retirement plan specifically tailored to the business and ownership.
  • Key man/ Executive: While all employees are valuable, there are often key contributors that a business cannot do without. Creating a “key person/executive” plan is one way these team players are compensated for past accomplishments and motivated for future performance. At Cornerstone Financial Advisors, we use a variety of sound financial practices that can include the use of non-qualified plans that may offer additional benefits to complement more standard retirement plans offered to all employees. Others may involve executive bonus, split dollar and deferred compensation/salary continuation plans. Upon review of the company and its team, we develop a customized program for all parties and the business overall.
  • Buy-Sell/Business Continuation Agreement: An important yet often overlooked in business financial planning is the Buy-Sell or Business Continuation Agreement, which are designed to effectuate a smooth transition of the business in the event of death, disability or retirement of a partner or key employees. Such documented understandings can be extremely beneficial, especially for a small or family-owned business, in addressing potential problems or issues before they arise.
    Specifically, a Buy-Sell/Business Continuation Agreement can detail aknown buyer and/or price for a business and offers stability for the owner, employees, clients and creditors. Some agreements may outline a business value for tax and business transfer purposes. Equally important, they can offer greater retirement security. At Cornerstone Financial Advisors, we incorporate Buy-Sell or Business Continuation Agreements in our comprehensive planning practices striving to help clients prepare for the future.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.